Below are some verified reviews from our customers:

“My family is very pleased with the service we receive at Providence Dental. The ladies at the front desk are very friendly, helpful and organized. The hygienists and Dr. Makowski provide excellent treatment and take a real interest in their patients. My children are quite comfortable at their appointments and always leave the office with a smile. The Providence Dental office is well appointed and the entire staff is top notch. I would highly recommend Providence Dental.”



“Dr. Makowski and his staff are friendly, professional, and all cleanings and procedures are performed quickly and with no discomfort! I drive 30 minutes to visit them because they are so great.”



“I would recommend Providence Dental to everyone that are fearful or hesitant about dental work. They are caring and understanding and their dental work is excellent. I never dread going to my appointments and all of their staff and friendly and kind. I have to add that from my personal experience, this is the only DDS office I have ever felt comfortable going to. Absolutely recommend!”



“If you are waiting to go to the dentist because of cost or just afraid, this is the place for you. Caring, gentle and make you feel amazingly comfortable. I can’t say enough. They care for their patience in every way. Please believe me, this is the place for you. I feel blessed having them.”

-Janet Pomponio

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